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Kate's Volcano Cottage

Excerpts from our Guest Book

Nga mihi aroha kia koe.
(What a sanctuary.)
Kia ora, he mihi tino nui, tino aroha ki a koe mo to aroha mai, to awhi, manaaki hoki, tena koe.
(Love this place, thank you so much.)
Aotearoa, New Zealand    October 2007

“Home away from home” has taken a renewed meaning here. What used to be home feels like home away from this home. There has been great energy flowing through and beyond. This is truly a potent experience that resonates with me outside of time. I feel like I’ve always been here and here I’ll be regardless of where I find myself. I finally understand that saying, “wherever you go, there you are.”
This has been an amazingly beautiful and powerful experience to stay in Kate’s cottage in the fern forest. This place is filled with ALOHA . . . everything about this cottage has brought us comfort, joy and happiness.
Mahalo for everything
This has been too short but we’ll certainly be back.
Eugene, OR    September 2007

We have stayed in many places around the world, and Kate’s rises to the very top — peaceful, cozy, lush surroundings!
Wellesley, MA    August 2007

Guestbook drawing

We loved the cottage, and I especially loved . . . the ‘rainforest deck’. The sounds and smells of the morning will stay with us as an important part of this, our first trip to Hawai‘i.
Although we missed the flaming lava . . . we were hugely impressed and inspired by the Volcano.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada    July 2007

Our stay here has been more than a haven, it has become inspirational.
Wilkes-Barre, PA    June 2007

This is a lovely setting. If we ever have the chance to return we will give you a call! The tranquility and serenity can not be matched.
Ennis, TX    May 2007

Kate’s place is truly a wonderful find! The bed was very Fabulous & all of the little extras added up to a huge [smile]!
Eden Prairie, MN    May 2007

This is one sweet, buffed-out cottage! Thanks for all the details ie. maps, DVDs, Bandaids etc. You made our stay extra nice!
Chicago, IL    April 2007

Oh, how I hate to leave this piece of heaven. What a beautiful cottage and surroundings — thank you, thank you.
Bozeman, MT    April 2007

Thank you for the beautiful & quiet setting. We loved being away from the loud hustle & bustle of the “touristy” locations on the island.
Pinedale, WY    April 2007

First the very warm welcome — flowers, how beautiful — all the maps and personal introduction and the very beautiful cottage . . . . Although it was slightly colder as at the coastside we enjoyed the breakfast on the veranda. The landscape and all our hiking trips were amazing . . . In some sense it reminds us to the Canarian volcanic islands — thanks again for this special place and all these impressions.
Hamburg, Germany    March 2007

Our five days here really went fast, and your wonderful accommodation, Kate’s Cottage, was perfect. This was the ideal home base for us . . .
Kane‘ohe, HI    February 2007

Your place is perfect and your hospitality is without peer.
January 2007

The cottage is lovely, and probably the most well-thought-out, with all the supplies a person could possibly need, that we’ve ever stayed in. But most important of all was your kindness and trouble you took to introduce us to info for your area, and your maps, books, etc., etc., that you’ve taken the trouble to make up for guests.
January 2007

There is nothing nice I can say that hasn’t already been said. You have gone above & beyond to make our stay comfortable. Thank you so much for all the little extras. It is very obvious that you like doing this and making everybody’s stay at Kate’s Cottage perfect. We were so lucky to find you!
Charleston, SC    December 2006

We were pleasantly surprised to find the cottage surpassed its description on the internet. Your hospitality & thoughtfulness were very much appreciated. We felt very well taken care of!!!
Calgary, Alberta, Canada    December 2006

We came for 5 nights and stayed for 7 . . . Of our eight stays in the Volcano area this has been our BEST! We’re looking forward to our next stay.
Langley, BC, Canada    November 2006

[We] are so impressed that the cottage is just as “new” as the first time we stayed here in 2003. You do a remarkable job of keeping it clean and luxuriously welcoming. . . From the sounds of gentle rain and crickets at night, to the songbirds during the day, it is an amazingly peaceful place.

What a wonderful paradise you have here in Volcano. I found our time here was the best out of everywhere we have stayed (including the Moana Surfrider 5[star]!) I wish we could stay longer to enjoy the bird song on the lanai in the morning.
Geneva, Switzerland    November 2006

Thank you for a cozy and sweet nest . . . We’ll spread the word among our Alaskan pals looking for a base of operations during winter escapes to Hawaii.
Anchorage, AK    November 2006

We had such a wonderful stay at Kate’s Volcano Cottage. The place is absolutely beautiful – we can’t stop admiring the woodwork and the cottage’s simple yet elegant charm. The setting is perfect too.
We loved our visit, and we hope to return!
Albuquerque, NM    October 2006

I will so miss the birdsong from the lanai!
Toronto, Canada    October 2006

What a cozy place to retreat to after the hike out to see the lava - (with 2 kids!). We were so tired when we got back and our kids fell asleep immediately. The flannel sheets made us feel right at home. . . we wished we could have stayed longer to explore more.
Draper, UT    September 2006

Isle of Man, British Isles    September 2006

Guestbook watercolor

It had long been my dream to see the volcanos on Hawaii, and now thanks to your help, I have done it. But the thing I have discovered is that 2 days isn’t nearly long enough. So, like everyone else in this book, I leave with a hope & promise that I will be back.
    In the meantime, thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality, & all the special little touches that makes [this cottage] such a magical place!
Arlington, VA  July 2006

From the blazing azure and orange sunsets of Colorado we came to this land of soft greens, delicious teal waters and rugged black and smooth brown lava fields that sometimes look like the top of a giant dark chocolate brownie — Pele’s special recipe. We came, we saw, and we especially enjoyed this spot, this room, this chair. May you also fight the desire to stay inside and relax instead of another tiring day of sight-seeing.
Colorado Springs, CO  July 2006

Thanks so much for truly genuine kindness and hospitality! We felt so much at home while we were here, and would love to come back and visit! Mahalo for the very delicious goodies, amenities, and all the wonderful hiking advice!
Santa Clara, CA  June 2006

We are insane to leave this Paradise. This is the ideal place to enjoy the Volcano and the Merrie Monarch Festival. Mahalo for all your personal touches and especially your Aloha Spirit.
San Diego, CA  April 2006

Mahalo for everything! We were so lucky to be able to spend 5 days and nights here. Lots of time to see and do many things and also time to just chill out and hang about the cottage. It was very good to talk with you and mahalo for your comings and goings bearing delicious treats.
    Alberta, Canada    April 2006

Listening to the “Hula Honeys”; hearing the rain on the roof & the birds in the morning; fresh [fruit]; the lush tree fern forest — we are in paradies! Thank you for sharing the aloha of Hawaii with us. We mellow with every breath we take here . . .
    Olympia, WA    March 2006

Guestbook Drawing

You have such a gorgeous place and we’re so happy that you share it! It was a delight to be here and we leave feeling happy and renewed. We’ll miss the beautiful bird song and crickets, the lovely setting, and all the pampering. If only someone would take such good care of us at home!
    Minneapolis, MN    February 2006

You have thought of everything! . . . Ooh. We feel comfy. Just what this boy & girl need when we’re travelling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Steamboat Springs, CO   January 2006

It is our last night in Hawaii and we feel that we have ended it on a  high note!  . . .  Your thoughtfulness and artistry in creating such an inviting retreat have not gone unnoticed and were so appreciated. Your caring and attention to detail are a gift. Can you tell we’d love to stay longer?
    Chicago, IL    January 2006

I’ve stayed in many B&B’s and this has been the best ever! You’ve achieved that delicate balance between great information & availability with perfect privacy. The location and serenity can’t be surpassed, and I’ve never imagined a place with more amenities — you’ve provided for all our possible needs.
    Port Townsend, WA    January 2006

I think we’ve found the best kept secret in the entire State of Hawaii! We love Kate’s Volcano Cottage — our favorite place on this trip. The cottage is fabulous, so well designed and every amenity.
    Boston, MA    January 2006

Thank you so much for a wonderful time here at the lovely Kate’s Cottage. We wish we could stay in such a perfect place everywhere we travel.
    Reno, NV    January 2006

Your cottage was a diamond in the rough that is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It was extremely soothing to know that a clean, warm, and cozy place awaited us after a long day’s hike at Volcano!!
    Denver, CO    January 2006

Nous avon vraiment apprécier l’accueil, tu es très gentille et tout était parfait!
    Québec, Canada     December 2005  

Since we left the UK in August on our 8 month round the world trip we have stayed in many and varied places. Kate’s Cottage has been one of the best and we congratulate you for this. The cottage is superb and your attention to the right details is exemplary. Your hospitality and conversation has been greatly appreciated and your knowledge of Hawaii has helped us appreciate the history, customs and vulcanology of Big Island.
    The cottage is in such a peaceful situation that we have also been able to recharge our batteries for our journey ahead. We particularly appreciated the workmanship and detail that have gone into all of your buildings . . . .
    Wiltshire, England    December 2005

We love this enchanting cottage. It is peaceful and serene and inspires relaxation. I TRULY wish we had more time on the BIS ISLAND and plan to return, as we need to explore the beauty and awe at a more leisurely pace. Bottom line, your cottage, your hospitality and knowledge is exceptional. Thank so much for the most memorable experience of our lives. We depart with happiness in our hearts.
    Houston, TX   November 2005

As I write, J and I are nestled in the cozy chair on the lanai, enjoying the sound of birds chirping and Hawaiian music from inside. What a beautiful moment! And it is just one of many we have experienced in this joyful haven.
    “Newlyweds from Portland, Oregon”    October 2005

We were so lucky to find you. Making plans, looking on the internet, you’re never sure if you’re making the right choices. We’ve stayed in all kinds of places, and we’ve never had a more perfect place, even from the moment we arrived. Thanks for all the info on the area, we followed your advice and it couldn’t have been better. This cottage is ideal, and you have thought of everything for a traveler’s needs. I really hope we can return soon . . .
    Tucson, AZ   October 2005

What a wonderful place to call home, even if it was just for three days! Your little cottage was everything we were looking for and then some more. . . . Do not forget to ask people to spend [an] extra day exploring the cottage!
    Boston, MA   September 2005

What an experience! . . . Wish we could stay longer.
    Melbourne, Australia    August 2005

On one of the most beautiful spots on earth, you managed to make a nest that matches the beauty of the land! The cottage is an absolute delight. Thank you for offering us your warm aloha! The cottage is an absolute delight. Your thoughtfulness shines through in the selection of music CDs, to videos, and of course all the amenities and availability of information on local sites/interests. Not one detail is overlooked!! Anybody who stumbles on this gem is bound to experience a slice of paradise the hawaiian way!
    Berkeley, CA    July 2005

It is definitely special to stay in one of the most active volcanic areas in the world, but your kind and highly informative welcome was very special too! . . . Mahalo again for your warm, “volcano” welcome!
    Bruges, Belgium     July 2005

All your attention to detail and extra touches are so appreciated. . . . the Volcano area is like nothing else in the world. . . . Breakfast food was great and what a lanai! We will return!
    Phoenix, AZ   June 2005

The cottage was perfect for what we wanted! Spent some wonderful time on the porch reading & had our meals there too — Your local fruits & baked goods — fantastic. Dinner was . . .  from the local farmers market. We did all things Volcano! . . . After full days of sightseeing this cottage was always the perfect end to some perfect days!
    Northville, MI    May 2005

Kate's Cottage Guestbook Entry

Kate's Cottage Guestbook Entry

Wonderful stay here! The cottage is so peaceful and relaxing. In our many years of travelling this certainly joins the select group of places that we consider a “home away from home”.
    Brisbane, Australia    April 2005

A'a amazing

Your skill at hospitality rises to an art form. The cottage is a real gem, combining the best of functionality and lovely aesthetics. . . . We hope to return one day, and that we’ll be lucky enough to once again stay in your perfect little cottage.
    San Francisco, CA    March 2005

We loved waking up to the sounds of the birds each morning. After a week in Honolulu, with all its hustle & bustle, the cottage was a paradise in seclusion.
    Paulding, OH    March 2005

Kate's Cottage Guestbook Entry

We have been travelling for two months now and Kates has been the most cozy & welcoming place!
    Bristol, England    March 2005

Although it seems it’s all been said, many kudos to you! What a fabulous place. We wanted or needed for nothing. Like so many before us, our only regret is not planning more time here.
    Kamloops, BC    February 2005

A nice, relaxing, quiet change (much needed) from a busy hotel on the Kohala Coast! Very quiet . . . The kids called your cottage “home”.
    Colorado Springs, CO   February 2005

P.S. I think the cottage is adorable. Would like to take home with me.
    Baltimore, MD    January 2005

Our second time here, even more lovely than the first. This place makes us happy.
    Chicago, IL    December 2004

The woodworking at Kate’s and the other cottages is incredibly meticulous and adds so much to the experience of staying here. As woodworkers ourselves, we can really appreciate the hours of careful and beautiful artistry that shines through these buildings — to the delight of your visitors.
    We were also touched by the many “extras” you provided — the beautiful flower arrangements, the tasty breads, and the Hawaiian fruits . . . were just great! These kept us going through our treks . . . Especially knowing we had a great place to return to at day’s end.
    Deerfield, NH    December 2004

Can we please stay forever???
    Long Beach, CA    November 2004

Kate's Cottage Guestbook Entry

Most beautiful lodgings I’ve ever stayed in. Mahalo.
    Berkeley, CA    August 2004

Lanai calms me but
Lava glows reddest at night
Let’s just stay inside
    Seattle, WA    July 2004

We loved staying at Kate’s Volcano Cottage! It was very peaceful and very relaxing. This is such a great location, so close to the volcano crater and national park.
    Los Angeles, CA    June 2004

New husband: This was the perfect place to stay for a honeymoon. We got to snuggle in the warm hug of this lovely cottage — it gave us a house to come to after a Volcano hike or after an afternoon in Hilo. It will be terribly hard to leave here. This cottage is a gorgeous, rejuvenating gift. . . . Perhaps we’ll return for an anniversary and read what we wrote on our honeymoon.
New wife: We felt instantly at home and like we were playing house — only this time it was for real, hence the magic. I love this cottage so much that no words will be adequate!
    San Diego, CA     May 2004

Five nights is simply not enough time to spend in your beautiful “cottage”. We had to drag ourselves away to explore each day.
    Grand Rapids, MI    February 2004

Your cottage is the perfect haven we’ve been searching for every time we visit Hawaii! The silence and serenity here are awesome.
    Sacramento, CA    February 2004

What a fabulous place to start our vacation — our next destinations will be hard pressed to meet our expectations now!! Thank you for all the comforts of home . . .
    Bellingham, WA    December 2003

We love this cottage! It’s beautiful, the surrounding environment is so relaxing. This is exactly what we needed — our stress level is now at zero (or in the negative — is that possible?). This is the best place we have ever stayed — the [famous hotel name] has nothing on you! Your hospitality is refreshing & your tips on seeing the sights were right on target. We wish we didn’t have to leave.
    Oxnard, CA    November 2003

The only way our stay could have been better was if it had been longer. This cottage is exactly what a get away destination should be: peaceful, clean, beautiful inside and out, and anything you should need at your fingertips, yet no clutter.
    Redwood City, CA    August 2003

I thought places like this only existed in our imaginations.
    Oakdale, NY     July 2003

K  is for the kindness of our hostess
A  is for the atmosphere so cozy
T   is for the tasty treats
E’ is for the enjoyment of staying here
S  is for the scenery off the back porch.
Put all together for wonderful memories — Thank you.
       Portage, MI     June 2003

What an amazing cottage & lovely village. We have traveled quite a bit, and Kate’s Cottage stands out at the top for your generous hospitality & beautiful cottage. Your knowledge of the Park & tips on when to go have proved to be the making of an unforgetable journey. . . . Truly a wonderful place to remember what living life is about.
    Champaign, IL    May 2003

This is such a sweet hidaway you have here, just what we were in search of. Your hospitality is exceptional and we sure appreciate your going the extra mile to provide a welcoming environment. We will certainly recommend you to anyone planning a trip to Hawaii.
    Knoxville, TN    May 2003

If we were going to build a little cabin in one of the most wonderful places on earth, this would be the cabin and this would be the place . . .
    Bothell, WA     March 2003

Thanks for all the “provisions” much more than we expected. Although — a box of 14 mac-choc. goodies — I don’t know — at 4 days that’s 31/2 per day for 2 people — we had to do some fancy cuttin’ to divvy those up. (I think J snuck some when I wasn’t looking). . .  Wish we could stay much longer. Vacations are always too short — work gets in the way all the time.
    Glen, NH     April 2003

I am so happy we chanced upon you through the internet . . . I can’t imagine a more charming experience and we look forward to our next trip.
     Rancho Palos Verdes, CA   April 2003

We enjoyed the . . . outdoor patio. My kids (8 & 10) thought it was the greatest place ever. We kept hearing “can we go back to the cottage?”
    Phoenix, AZ    March 2003

This was first time to stay in such place . . . Thank you so much for preparing heartwarming place! Arigato Gozaimasu.
    Japan     February 2003

Thank you for your warm and friendly hospitality. Our only regret is that we had so little time here!Your cottage is absolutely beautiful! The dining area outside is the best I’ve ever seen.
    Kingwood, TX    February 2003

This place is terrific. Can you start making places like this everywhere we travel? We’ll send you a list of places we wish to visit, & you can send us a schedule of when your wonderful accommodations there will be ready. Too much to ask I guess, but now we’re spoiled for life!
    Littleton, CO    February 2003

I feel like sharing my first impression when we crossed the threshold after Kathryn kindly opened the door. Until just now I was convinced that only in my sister’s house I’d feel as warm and welcome as this . . . Receiving hospitality from people who put love in everything they do is an extremely rare gift, for which I feel so blessed. It is like meeting family half way around the globe . . .
    Berlin, Germany     January 2003

Thank you for such a wonderful, relaxing stay. Your cottage is the coziest, quietest, lovliest, most comfortable cottage we have ever stayed at. It is a pity that we only stay here for 2 nights. And you are the best, friendliest and most generous host we have met so far. Thank you for all the information you gave us and for the delicious fruit-basket and breakfast and chocolate. If we come again to Big Island, we will definitely stay again at Kate’s Volcano Cottage.
    Austria     January 2003

Thank you, Mahalo, for your gracious attention to our needs as your guests. . . . The cottage is a little magic that took us to nights of dreaming new dreams in this land of moment & change. The warm bed & great shower, healthy & tasty treats in the morning started & ended our days with sheer delight.
     Santa Barbara, CA    January 2003

We were really surprised, that your cottage is right in the middle of the rainforest. We enjoyed the quiet and voices of the birds . . .
    Nuremberg, Germany   December 2002

We have wandered around the USA quite a bit  . . . . Yours is by far the most comfortable place we’ve ever stayed, with absolutely incredible attention to detail — every little thing you did was noted, appreciated, and loved.
    The Park itself is awe inspiring — gorgeous — we will return for a longer stay. You live in a magical place, where land, sea & sky affirm everything that’s good about living. It’s a place of curiosity, one we loved, and one we can’t wait to explore further.
    Chicago, IL    December 2002

Thanks to your absolutely delightful cottage carved out of the rainforest, we’re rejuvenated. . . . One of many highlights and memories for us as we enjoy humankind and nature on this earth.
    Kailua, HI    November 2002

This cottage was a wonderful surprise that exceeded all of our expectations. It provided the perfect base from which to venture out and cross off some items on life’s “to-do” list. . . . Thank you for such a cozy and serene atmosphere.
    Florissant, MO   November 2002

It was a soothing experience to stay in your snug and quiet cottage high among the mountain birds and ferns in Hawai‘i’s tropical rain forest. Your careful planning is evident in every detail of its construction and equipment making its interior far more functional and accommodating than rooms three times the size.
    Your aloha also shows in the selection of breakfast [foods]. Every need was anticipated. You have created a lovely retreat from a far too busy world. We look forward to some day returning to this enchanting place.
    Lompoc, CA    October 2002

You have provided every possible comfort a person could wish for when away from home. A beautiful cottage and forest.
    Ft. Myers Beach, FL   September 2002

Thank you for letting us stay in this peaceful place on this now-famous and sad day. If the whole world could experience this peace within and without what a beautiful world it would be. Thank you for making your part of the world so peaceful and beautiful.
    Kona, HI   September 11, 2002

We will continue to admire this beautiful cottage in this delightful nook of the rainforest long after we leave.  . . . This is all of what Hawaii is about, but is also what few visitors ever see.
    Portland, OR    September 2002

Your cottage was beyond our expectations. You managed to think of everything (ie flashlights, umbrellas, wine corkscrew, volcano videos, etc.). . . .
    Grapevine, TX    September 2002

The second I stepped into KVC I loved this cozy and homey cottage. What a treat on our honeymoon! . . . This is not a B&B, but a 4 star hotel of its own kind!
    Berlin, Germany   August 2002

It was a wonderful experience spending two nights at your volcano cottage. It was our home away from home. . . .
    Honolulu, HI  July 2002

When we dreamed of coming to Hawaii, we did not want a crowded hotel scene. We wanted quiet in the rainforest where we could hear the birds and have some solitude. You provided us with the perfect spot.
    Marion, IL   July 2002   

We would love to come back one day and we certainly will send our friends your way.
    Hillsboro, OR    May 2002

Your cottage is a wonderful surprise tucked away in the forest.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada     May 2002

We loved listening to the birds and early morning rain. . . . The location is spectacular -- a volcano just down the road.
    Natick, MA     April 2002

Your cottage is a truly magical place.
    Bonny Doon, CA    April  2002

We have only one complaint . . . . The Bed is way too cozy and we made several attempts at getting up.
     Laguna Beach, CA     March  2002

I’ve stayed at B&B’s from one coast to the other in the States & yours stands head & shoulders above them all.
    Mesa, Arizona     March 2002

I love it! I went to see the Volcano and everything. I want to stay here forever.
    A 6-year-old boy from Midland, MI     March 2002

This was far better than the penthouse & gardens on the [cruise ship name]. By the way, that cost $26,000.00 per week.
    Shreveport, LA    February 2002

We came to Hawaii from SLC, UT. Home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. This has been such a treat to connect again with nature, take in all the sights and smells of this beautiful place. And to get away from the hustle bustle of busy life and the crowds. Wow did we ever! Its nice to see the Olympics on T.V. where it is very cold and be here where it is so green and warm.
    Salt Lake City, UT     February 2002

We had such a wonderful & memorable time here in the cottage. It was the perfect retreat for our little family & we were thrilled that it was everything as described on the net. We felt pampered and sheltered on the cool evenings & got to explore this incredible side of the island. Madame Pele ‘rocks’! Thanks ever so much for your thoughtful goodies & for your helpful advice.  
There is only one word to describe this place . . S H I B U I . .  (Zen: The Art of Beauty, Balance & Serenity)
    San Rafael, CA    February 2002

As soon as I walked into your cottage I was in love! I only wish we were staying longer! I feel so at home here &I love how you have decorated - you haven’t left out a single detail!
     Philadelphia, PA    February 2002

Our only regret in staying here is knowing that our next accommodation cannot measure up to the cottage. You have truly set a standard for providing a place of comfort & serenity.
     Missoula, MT    January 2002

When we first set eyes on this cottage we knew it was a special place. Our stay here has confirmed this.
     Storrs, CT    January 2002

Thank you for a lovely stay at this beautiful place. . . . We very much appreciated your attention to detail - torches, umbrellas, kitchen, supply, books, VCR etc. We only lacked time to make use of it, so we have to come back. We hope this cosy hide-away stays like it is for many more years.
    Frankfurt, Germany    December 2001

The cottage is an architectural delight . . . We felt right at home with all of the excellent gear and goodies. We cooked, drew and laughed. . . The gray, smoky, concrete jungle is a world away, and we loved being transported to your cottage refuge.
    Tianjin, China    December 2001

Your cottage is wonderful! We absolutely love how quaint and comfortable it is. Everything we needed you provide.
     Denver, CO
  November 2001

Your cottage is wonderful! We absolutely love how quaint and comfortable it is. Everything we needed you provide.
     Denver, CO
  November 2001

Your cottage is wonderful! We absolutely love how quaint and comfortable it is. Everything we needed you provide.
     Denver, CO
  November 2001

This is one of the nicest places we have stayed in our many years of traveling. A charming little place, well stocked and a homey atmosphere. It was a pleasure staying here.
     Kirkland, WA    September 2001

What a stroke of luck that we found you . . . we wish you had cottages all over the world for our visits elsewhere.
    Brighton, England    September 2001

Thank you for making it possible for us to achieve our ambitious vacation goals affordably yet in grand style. The cottage is idyllic and all your extra touches made us feel extraordinarily welcomed. What an introduction to Hawaii. We would have loved to stay longer . . .   P.S. Your book collection is terrific!
    Yonkers, NY    August 2001

. . . we marvel at how well you anticipated every need. We had an extraordinary time.
     Melrose, MA     August 2001

I love coming to volcanoes and staying at Kate’s makes it an even more wonderful and magical experience. Thank you for creating this little, beautiful cottage, it is making lots of people very happy.
    Kapa‘au, HI    August 2001

Merci beaucoup pour ton superbe et genereux accueil -- Merci pour cette si jolie maison, si calme et reposante. Merci de m’avoir guidee daus mon voyage a Kilauea et Mauna Loa.
    Lahaina, Maui     Juillet 2001

There is much to say about Volcano: It’s a great village with lots of privacy and seclusion. The Park is an education in experience, and an experience in education. This cottage was stunning from the time we 1st walked through the door.  . . . Of all places we’ve stayed, this B&B was the best. . . . We loved this place. The quiet is wonderful.
    South China, Maine    July 2001

We came for some serious ’laxing, and that’s what we were able to do, in this lovely setting.
    Great Neck, NY    June 2001

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